Single Review: “Mirror Shoes” – Matt Edible And The Obtuse Angels

This next one has lots of fuzz on the guitars – this is made up for with big vocals! Unison in the verse and harmonies very much in the 70s rock vein in the chorus. 

Cowbell? Of course there’s a cowbell. The toms are big as well on this, I wonder if the drums were influenced by the late great Keith Moon? 

The guitar isn’t just for show on this, there’s a really tasty solo at around 2:18 — it just slides in, does the job and gets out of town. On reflection this song wouldn’t be out of place on a 70s compilation and no one would know it was a 21st century song. Such a Marc Bolan vibe, I wonder what Tony Visconti would make of this? I may have to ask him.

Matt Edible And The Obtuse Angels are a band from Hull, with quite a pedigree, Tom likes them and so do I. 


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