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Single Review: “Silver Lining” – KADI

This track starts out acappella, then keyboards, come in to accompany Kadi’s voice. 

And what a voice. Kadi sings with an uplifting powerful authority,  you’re being taken on a journey here, and I’m here for it. 

The chorus says “Oh there’s a silver lining trust the timing even when you’re shutting me down”, and it makes you want to know more about what inspired her to write it. I like the drums on this by the way. Something that’s missing from popular music nowadays is big builds on the toms, and this does it well. 

I’m very happy Kadi got into the Listening Post, and I was hoping that everyone else could hear what I heard in this song enough to vote to her onto the Faves. 

Kadi is from South East London – Lewisham, now Orpington in fact – WOW! Just down the road! Kadi we have much to talk about here hahaha! She’s been writing songs since the age of 16, now 22. She studied and graduated at ACM through the pandemic. 

Kadi says: “I make emotive pop/soul music, my songs come from my heart and soul.” Reading her Spotify bio it confirmed my suspicions about her faith, it shines through in her vocals, this lady comes from the church and has a strong Christian background. 

I hear you sister.

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