Single Review: “SHARK!” Dirty Nice

To an upbeat guitar driven track we go with this one, a bit rowdy! And fair warning – the “again and again and again” bit will get stuck in your head. It’s quite the catchy refrain! What I really like though is that the song references the title with its punctuation mark to make its point. Is that a pun on both our parts? Maybe. I don’t know. Also the way it switches from a punk rock track to a little tinkle on the old Joanna then a DJ scratch back into the main rock part… 


I love the fact they also use a radio tuner noise to signify the changes. 

Great job! 

Dirty Nice is Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared composer Charlie Pelling’s musical project, with Lisbon-based musician Mark Thompson. Pelling is fast becoming the go-to composer in the UK comedy scene, working with the likes of 2022 Edinburgh Comedy Award winner Sam Campbell and BAFTA winner Jamie Demetriou (Stath Lets Flats, Fleabag).

They’ve also got some nifty merch on their site. 

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