Single Review: “Better Option” – Four Faces

“I’ll see what I can do yeah” starts off this one with a pitch bent note and a “WHOOP!” to begin it. It then launches into a big indie rock track which passes through filters – it’s all big riffs, but again this is a strong track with a belter of a chorus. The chord changes also had me playing around on my keyboard. Love the chromatic key changes — something we deploy a lot in my choir. There’s a nice little bass run around 1:32 that, for me, worked so well. Never underestimate the power of a bass run! Of course I need to offer a chef’s kiss for the ahhhs in the background vocals. Little touches like that impress me. 

Four Faces are from Dublin, they’re actually celebrating this release with a gig in their hometown on the 13th October at The Workmans Club. 


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