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Album Review: “Diary Of An Artist In Love” – The Muse Frequency. Words: Sammy Stein.

‘Diary of an Artist in Love’

The Muse Frequency is an artist, lyricist, and producer working with musicians around the world to create profoundly moving spoken word tracks that fall within the New Age and meditation music genres as well as lyrics for musical productions. TMF has also written and directed for theatre, audio stories, and short films. 

Imagine being in love and wanting to put your feelings into words – or better yet, have someone do this for you. Help is at hand. The Muse Frequency on ‘Diary of An Artist in Love’ has tried to capture and share the very essence of being in love–not love itself but the experience of love–in an intimate album on the subject. Spoken words, gently tracked over ambient electronic background music, each track an exploration of different facets of love – the questioning, the yearning, the wondering if this is real, trying to pin down that thing that makes you love another.  There are some tracks where the artist tells the listener how they are loved, how they can feel loved and be enveloped in feelings. It is a thoughtful, evocative meditation on love and its many different facets. 

This album is best taken with a dose of quiet and with headphones on. Following the tradition of great romantic poets, and scholars like Rumi, The Muse Frequency uses her gentle, almost whispered but clear voice, to speak to the heart as she knows how. 

Coaxing, teasing, and drawing the listener towards a deep, intense journey into what love is, how it feels, and its effects on us and those around us. There is an almost therapeutic element, and it is unusual listening to say the least. However, everyone should have The Muse frequency for those moments when they need a lift. Two or three of the tracks and you will feel upbeat, loved and just for a while, emotionally free.  

The album is intended to be listened to alone. Inspired by the work of diarist Anais Nin, The Muse Frequency aims to design an audio experience that feels confessional and personal.  It is supposed to inspire thought, the listener is central to the tracks, they should close their eyes, the world forgotten for the moment as they drift to beautiful places.

Is this music or is this ambient meditative sound into which the artist drops gentle, carefully worded instructions, from how you sit or stand, to how you turn and imagine looking into her eyes? It doesn’t matter. It is interesting and enjoyable. It is somniferous in a positive way.  The words are beautiful, profound, at times a little too much but part of the importance of listening to music like this is just that – the listening. For a gentle, interesting experience, little can beat this.

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