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Blog interview: Paul Walsh, Pink Rabbits

Congratulations on the release of “Home” how does it feel? 
Thanks. It feels great! I’m delighted with how it sounds and I’m looking forward to people’s reaction to it. 
It’s a gorgeous track, what’s the story behind it?
Thank you. It was written during lockdown. It was a pretty weird time for all of us and I think the solemness of that period is reflected in some of the lyrics. We all want to feel safe…secure….and loved….but there are times when we don’t feel any of those feelings and I think this song is basically saying you’ll be ok. 
It’s also from your debut album coming out this summer, how has it been recording it?
Its been great. It’s exciting to finally get to record and start production on songs that you wrote in your bedroom.
Hearing your song when it’s fully developed – a song that started out as a mere idea while messing around on the piano or guitar – is a great feeling. 
What’s your favourite track so far on it?
My first single It’s Over will always be pretty special to me, but my favourite would be To Be Loved or See You Again. 
You worked with Ciaran Parnell on it, what have you learned during those sessions?
Geez, where to start?! I learned that I need to listen more when discussing what works or doesn’t work on a song. 
I think communication is key when explaining what type of sound you want for a track. It’s all well and good having a sound in your head, but you need to be able to explain and elaborate on that with your producer. 
I also learned to be more patient. Some songs took (much!) longer than others and that’s ok. Getting it right is better than getting it done quickly at a substandard level.  
You are an artist and broadcaster from Ireland how did it all begin for you?
I began writing songs after I finished college. As the number of songs began to stack up I decided it was time to actually play them to people rather than to an empty bedroom! I tried to go down the route of recruiting musicians and organising studio time for practice etc…but it was a frustrating period as some dropped out which halted progress….A colleague at work then linked me in with a producer called Ciaran Parnell and that’s when real progress was made.
What did you listen to growing up?
Two Irish bands stand out – The 4 Of Us and The Stunning. I also loved The Prodigy – I had their album Fat Of The Land on repeat as a teenager when it was released. Massive Attack and Eels were other acts I listened to regularly growing up.
You are also a sports broadcaster, how did that come about?
I studied media in college so it was an industry I was keen to work in. I had work experience arranged at a TV station (formerly TV3, now Virgin Media) and I worked my way up. I love sport and I have a creative mind so both come in handy for the job! 
You covered the Euro 2016 finals, do you have a funny story from that time?
Roy Keane was assistant manager for the Republic of Ireland back then. He had just signed a contract extension before he did his first press conference over there. I asked him if there was a clause in his contract allowing him to speak to interested clubs and what followed was a bit of back and forth between us. The exchange ended with him smiling so I’d like to think I’m not on his list of enemies. Still waiting for a Christmas card though….
COVID impacted the creative industry in a big way, what kept you motivated?
Finishing the album was a big motivation for me. I was lucky enough to be able to combine work and creating music during times of lockdown. 
The last couple of years have been a time to reflect what have you learned about yourself?
Lockdown has taught me that my hair doesn’t look good long! 
I learned that my work/life balance is pretty good. 
Did you pick up any new skills?
I learned to play the piano. I’m more Ross from Friends than Beethoven at the moment but, baby steps! 
Being from Ireland, what are your three favourite things about it?
The strong sense of community, the sense of humour and the landscape. 
What are you listening to at the moment? 
Soda Blonde’s album Small Talk and Lord Huron’s album Long Lost. 
What are you looking forward to next?
The release of my album later this year and performing it live.

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