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Blog interview: Anat Porat

Hello Anat how are you?

I am very well, thank you.

You’re a singer songwriter from Israel how did it all begin for you?

I have always loved singing, but as a young girl was too shy to do anything about that.
I used to love watching and listening to singers on the radio and tv and sing with them. When I was in my 20’s I went to music school, and that was also where I started songwriting.

What did you listen to starting out?

As a kid, I’d mainly listen to the radio, to various singers and groups. From Israeli musicians, to international musicians such as The Beatles, Paul Simon, The Carpenters, Susan Vega, Sting, Queen, George Micheal and many more.

Congratulations on the release of “Concealing” how does it feel?

Every song release is exciting. With concealing it was even more, for two reasons: one, after years and years of concealing my self, my wishes, my inner thoughts, I am finally stepping out and not hiding anymore, the second reason is that my daughter is featuring in this song, which makes it very special for me.

What’s the story behind the song?

For many years I kept my thoughts and my dreams bottled up in me.
I kept everything to my self, and I didn’t even realize how much energy I put into not sharing and not telling things even to people close to me. When I realized that, I had to work hard on changing that habit, and realized that it is so liberating not to keep everything a secret.

You collaborated on it with your daughter Shira how did it feel working with her?

My daughter Shira is an amazing singer.
She is a music student, at the same music school I went to when I first started out.
When we sing together it feels like magic to me.
Even though we sound very different when we sing separately, when we sing together, and harmonise, It’s hard to know who sings what.
Even for us…
In the past few years she’s been singing with me both on stage and in the recording studio, while making her own way in music.

You also filmed the video for it in London as a live session, what was it like playing out in the open air like that?

We filmed the live session after a great week in London, where we filmed 4 music videos for the album, with two very talented directors and videographers Omri Dagan and Guy Tchakarov. We decided to take advantage of the time we were in London, and do the live session.
There is something very special in live singing out In the open air.

It takes the song back to basics, and being out in nature is simply beautiful.
It was a bit of a challenge to overcome unexpected noises, and the both of us had a bit of a cold, but we managed to sing after all.

You’ve also got an album coming out, what’s your favourite track from it?

The album “Back To New” will be released at the end of July.

Choosing one song is almost impossible – since I love them all, and each one means something different to me.

The opening track of the album “My Inner Me” is very special to me.

It’s about a key moment in my life, when I felt that I’m exactly where & who I’m meant to be, after years of doubts.

It has a beautiful arrangement, done by Daniel Wisman who musically produced the album.

What lessons have you learned while recording it?

I learned a lot while recording the album.

I mainly learned how to embrace the mistakes and remember that they are part of the process.

You’re an awesome guitarist who are your top three favourite guitarists?

Wow, thanks for the compliment.

It’s funny, because I am not a natural guitarist.

I am a singer, and only in recent years I started playing in my shows.

This is the first time I have played guitar in a recording studio.

One of my favorite guitar players is Daniel Wisman.

After I heard him play for the first time, I knew I had to work with him, and luckily he agreed.
 Joni Mitchel is without doubt one of my favorite guitar players, as well as singer and songwriter.
 She is so unique and creative, and it looks and sounds like the guitar is an extension of her and not an instrument.

Post pandemic: What have you learned about yourself in the last three years?

I have learned that it is never too late to learn new things, and it’s never too late to start over.
 I have learned to trust myself, and believe in my talent and in what I have to give to the world.

Did you pick up any new skills?

I picked up a lot of new skills.

I have improved my guitar playing, I’ve learned how to do many technical things I didn’t know in the past.

What are you listening to at the moment?

I recently discovered an amazing singer and artist called Yebba.
 (I love YEBBA! D.O.)
I heard her song “October Sky“ on the radio and was blown away. 

I spent the whole evening listening to more and more of her music – she is incredible.

What are you looking forward to doing next?

I’m looking forwards to start touring and performing the album, 
 and going back to the studio and working some new music.

Special thanks to Frances @ Quite Great PR


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