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Single Review: “This One’s For” – Joshua Radin

I became a fan of Joshua Radin when one of his tracks was featured on a particularly emotional episode of Scrubs that a lot of fans really connect with…

More on that later.

Anyway, Joshua is back with a new single – “This One’s For”, an acoustic number, his vocals are gorgeous on this, he sings huskily and the lyrics are about those who are a little different, it’s like a love song to his group of friends and family those that he relates to. 

I love the drums and percussion on this too, the kick is heavy but there is a percussion loop that goes through that I love… you could just imagine this going down a storm live. 

The lyric that I connect with is:

“This is for the people who see the world a bit differently,

I always knew I was much more like you, 

And there was something about you that was me.”

Love it. 

Joshua Radin is a singer/songwriter that came to my attention through one of my favourite tv shows of all time, Scrubs. His song “Winter” was featured in a very emotionally charged episode and still resonates with fans today, I know this because of the fact that I’m part of a Facebook group dedicated to all things Scrubs and two of the main cast members podcast “Fake Doctors Real Friends”, it gets referenced a lot even after all these years. I have a lot of love for him, his songwriting just hits the spot. 


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