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Blog interview: SAFIRE

Hello SAFIRE how are you?
I’m great! Apparently I don’t sleep anymore but that’s just from excitement for everything coming up this year so I’m not complaining!
Congratulations on the release of “Angels And Demons”, how does it feel?
Thank you! Angels & Demons was received really well. I don’t often sing on my tracks but I did in this one. I guess it was a nice surprise to know that I can sing and it’s quite a melodic track which connected well.

It’s been over a month since its release, what’s surprised you most about its reception?

Probably being at the pub and seeing it in people’s playlists haha! That’s always a huge complement because it’s very genuine. 

What’s the story behind the song?

The track is about the battle with inner narratives and I portrayed these conflicting voices as Angels & Demons. I imagined a demon whispering to you in your low moments. It’s a bit like that when you’re feeling low-your thoughts can trail off and just heighten the whole thing can’t they! 

You are an artist from London how did it all begin for you?

Hackney born and bred! Both of my parents were musicians. Dad played for Lee Lynch and my Mum was an MC on the rave scene. I wanted to be a dancer originally but it was kinda predestined wasn’t it!

What did you listen to growing up?

Michael Jackson! I loved everything he did. I listened to a lot of RnB growing up and then got into metal around the age of 14. From there it was all Tool, Deftones, Alexisonfire and then later Hardcore Punk bands like Suicide File, Give Up The Ghost, The Hope Conspiracy etc.

You have a very distinct visual style, how do you put it all together?

I don’t haha! I would never say I was a particularly stylish person. I have just gravitated towards things and it seems to work out. I’m working with a friend who is a stylist now so I’m feeling pretty chuffed to be able to let go of that aspect to a degree. 

You have new tracks coming out this year, what’s your favourite out of your upcoming new releases?

I do! SNYDE. That was so easy to answer haha. SNYDE is a harking back to my days growing up on a council estate and the crap we used to say to each other. It’s very energetic and sarcastic but goes HARRRRRD AF haha. I’m also releasing Devil’s Playground which I’m very excited about. I’ll have a clearer picture once I’ve planned the visuals.

COVID had a major impact on the creative industry what kept you motivated?

That was when I actually had the time to really work on SAFIRE and conceptualise the project. I was just non stop working before that within my business and never had the time to be creative. The project kept me massively motivated and I lived alone so it was a godsend really. 

The last few years have been a time to reflect what did you learn about yourself?

Oh man! What haven’t I learnt! I went through a bit of a spiritual awakening in 2021 and it’s been a journey of self realisation since then. I’ve gotten really honest with myself over these few years. One of the things I realised was that I’m a shit drinker so I packed that in a little over a year ago! 

Did you pick up any new skills?

I learnt quite a bit of production and it was the first time I’ve ever talked on a track. I’d not done that before. Developing my style has been such a process. Trying anything new always feels a bit weird but I’m glad I explored different vocal styles. It’s given me another way to express myself that isn’t all about emotions. Singing really opens me up and sometimes I just wanna be expressive without the heaviness. 
What are you listening to at the moment?
Don’t Let Me Down by Sabrina Claudio and DEVAULT 

What’s next for you?

My EP is coming out in September and there’s x3 videos and a fair few shoots going on for that. I’m also looking at a few dates for live performances this year which is mad exciting! I’ll be releasing a couple of tracks around April and another for Pride month. Tons of exciting things! I’m HYPED ngl! 

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