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Single Review: “Few And Far Between” – Calum Baird

The thing I like about Calum’s voice is that it’s…


What do I mean about that?

Well first of all, you can hear his Scottish accent coming through real true, there are no heirs and graces there.

He’s a folk singer telling a story in his songs, and you have to have a believable story, and he certainly does.

My favourite line?

“Play on till your last breath.”

“Few And Far Between” has some really nice touches in there as a song on the whole, strings, bass and drums make up the whole arrangement, along with piano, and it’s a slow build, it works so well.

This is a collaboration between Calum and Tobias Thiele from Germany – why does that name ring a bell? 

The track is for anyone looking for encouragement and trying to keep going in spite of long-standing social issues which are, seemingly, inching beyond redemption. 

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