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Single Review: “In The Future” – Rory Ryan

This song reminds me very much of a psychedelic track… there’s something almost Pink Floyd.. 

The lyrics are full of questions: 

“Do you ever let your guard down?

Let someone come into your life? 

Do you fall asleep easier?

Or are you restless at night?” 

It’s like your inner voice interrogating you at 3am in the morning. Unfortunately very relatable. 

Brains do that! 

I love the reverb drenched vocals on this it gives Rory’s vocals the perception of singing in an empty venue. The synth that plays lends to that, of an empty stage a band in soundcheck. Nice work. 

Rory Ryan is an artist/producer from Galway Ireland, he’s got an album coming out in March 2024. 

I can’t wait. 

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