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Single Review: “Without” – Tiger Mendoza ft. Emma Hunter

This track caught my ear because of the lush string arrangement and also Emma’s strong vocal on top. She sits right in the mix. I love the lyrics: 

“I am like a tree without its leaves

I am like a river without its water

And nothing will ever be the same…”

The beat is four on the floor, I just noticed on second pass there’s no real snare drum it’s just a hi hat and a synth noise coming in on the 2 and 4 of the beat very effective. 

There’s a nice instrumental section at around 2:18 where Emma’s backing vocals are heard way back in the mix and she comes in with a bridge section. It just builds and it’s fantastic. 

Ahhh 808 claps! Perfect. 

This is track three in a 5 track project “EPThree: End Credits” and as the name implies it’s part of a series. 

Tiger Mendoza is Ian De Quadros. Music maker, producer, over thinker according to his twitter profile, and he’s from Oxford. 

Emma Hunter is a musician, performer, a jump up and downer and eco warrior also from Oxford.

I like these two!



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