Single Review: “Too Sly To Die” – The Winter Codes”

The intro to this caught my ear straight away, the big drum fill made me sit up for sure!

This is a mix of indie rock and traditional Irish music. 

How do I know? 

Well, there’s an accordion in there, acoustic guitar, whistle, bass as usual, drums, I’m also hearing a banjo….

All that good stuff that makes you want to travel to the Emerald Isle and experience that community spirit of singing along with this kind of song for real. 

One day!

I’m a big fan of traditional Irish songs like “Cockles And Mussels” and “The Wild Rover”(If you don’t do the clap clap clap when this is sung you deserve to be thrown out of the venue never to darken the doors again I swear), and this is sure to be a classic, I can feel it in my bones. 

This is from their forthcoming album “The Darkness Reeling” due for release in August, and I’m looking forward to it. 

The Winter Codes are an Irish duo, Barney Murray founding member of Irish Folk band Blood Or Whiskey and David Walshe. Their upcoming album was recorded in the iconic Grouse Lodge Recording Studio (that saw Michael Jackson record his hits), the LP is a raw love letter to both the band’s Irish homeland as well as David Walshe’s brother and is a grand testament to the band’s wealth of musical experience with Murray’s role as vocalist in Blood Or Whiskey certainly cementing his pedigree.  

Thanks to Alex Mace @ Quite Great PR

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