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Blog interview: Alice Offley

Congratulations on the release of “POUR” how does it feel?
I’m so happy with how Pour was received! Lots of people contacted me to say it really made them feel good and dance, even at home!! That was my goal, to spread good vibes!
I also had 3 producers approach me to do different style remixes, so that’s exciting to think it may get some club plays, and be shared to different audiences.
What’s the story behind the song?
It was written in lockdown, when I was having my own kitchen discos and dressing up just to do zoom parties! I wanted to make funky happy songs for people to enjoy.
Describe your sound in three words.
Pop, Funky Disco
You are a singer/songwriter bass player from London Taaaaannnn (Your pronunciation not mine!) how did it all begin for you?
Hehee yeh noice one! My parents met in a band and I have been brought up watching live music and listening to songs  / learning instruments at home. Then having lessons… I did all of my classical piano grades then decided I wanted to be in a rock n roll band so moved over to keyboards and bass.
I remember writing songs when I was about 7 just for fun – I’d sing them to myself in the bath, and I guess I’ve just never stopped doing that 🙂
What did you listen to growing up?
My parent’s pop records would have been Beatles, Beegees, Abba, 70’s disco and pop. Also watching them play in bands – woulda been classic pop songs and dancefloor hits for the audiences.
Your songs have such a funky influence to them, how does your approach to writing begin?
I love basslines and also vocal harmonies, so they always have a big influence on my ideas. I also love the idea of writing lyrics about feel good subjects. I usually start with a vocal idea or bassline. Or if I’m writing on piano then I try to find sexy chord progressions.
What’s in your setup?
I play bass / keys and sing. When playing live (depending on the set up), I use backing tracks to achieve the full sound, and a live guitarist / percussionist is fun to have on stage. Hopefully one day I can afford a full band!
You’re related to Dusty Springfield, what’s your favourite song by her?
Son of a Preacherman is a classic but I ADORE the drama of You Don’t Have to Say You Love me! WOAH. Oh I also really dig What Have I Done to Deserve This? with Pet Shop Boys.
You’ve toured the world, what was your favourite place to play?
I loved playing in LA – it’s such a buzzing place and reminded me of the movies.
Have you got a funny story from the road?
On a night off in Chicago I got an Uber into town to a random bar, and ended up jamming the blues on their baby grand and singing Elvis songs to the house band. It was amazing. They were so welcoming to me and made some authentic Chicago Pizza and gave me it with beers at the bar. It was a magical experience.
Being a bass player who are in your top 3?
James Jamerson, Bernard Edwards, Paul McCartney.
What are your top 3 bass lines?
Can’t Get By Without You – The Real Thing, What’s Going On – Marvin Gaye, If you let me stay – Terence Trent D’arby.
COVID impacted the creative industry what kept you motivated?
Songwriting kept me motivated 🙂 I embraced having the chance to fully focus on writing and having no distractions of going out / gigging etc. it was actually a really productive and creative time – I’m so grateful I had music to keep me company and sane.
The last couple of years have been a time to reflect, what did you learn about yourself?
I learnt that I couldn’t live without music.. and I’m really lucky that it plays such a big part in my life. Also how important people and human connections are. 
Did you learn any new skills?
I learnt to cook lots of new dishes! And to run long distances! Both of which I continue now that lockdown is over.
What are you listening to at the moment?
The Queen Whitney Houston is on the radio right now. I’m listening to Heart 80’s radio at the moment and it has a great mix of pop and 80’s funk / soul.
What’s next for you?
I’m releasing my new single Funk On The Dancefloor on May 6th! It’s about dancing and partying (Obvz) now we are allowed out again!

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