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Single Review: “Emotions” – Amo Jr. Words: Sammy Stein

New Release from Amo Jr 



Ever heard a song sung with such feeling you feel your heart swell? Put this on and experience the gorgeous tones of Amo Jr on ‘Emotions,’ the forward release preluding his album’ Good Quality’ to be released later this year.  

Amo Jr’s release has elements of gospel, pop, folk, jazz, and blues intertwined in a wealth of colour, brought to life by the deep, sonorous voice that effortlessly conveys the composer’s emotions. 

Amo Jr is based in Hamburg and is a charismatic singer known for his nonchalant honesty and fearless expression. Amo is actually Fidelis Amo-Antwi, aka Pap C, aka Bursty Burst, and currently resurrected as Amo Jr. He is a songwriter, guitar player, and performer. Amo Jr grew up in the ‘Garden City’ of Kumasi in the Ashanti region of Ghana during J.J.Rawlings’ tightened grip’ and turbulent reign. His father fled to Germany and was granted political asylum there in 1983. The rest of the family reunited with their father in Northeim 5 years later on a sun to snow, late November day in ’88. 

Amo’s first introduction to and interest in music was ignited by ‘Highlife’ in Ghana, and in Germany, he immersed himself in Indie, Pop, Folk, Blues, and Soul, among other styles. In Northeim, he began to write songs after learning three chords on the guitar. Both his sisters played a large part in encouraging him to present his music in front of an audience.

Around 2004/2005, Amo Jr. found himself drawn more into music and gigged under the moniker of Bursty Burst as a solo artist and later with a band, earning a good response from audiences! He worked with Y’akoto and Sammy Deluxe as a project collaborator and returned to making music after a five-year withdrawal from his musical endeavours to pursue an academic path. He released an EP’ Home’ in 2021.    

‘Emotions’ is a song for the times we are in and covers healing, forgiveness, and self-acceptance. Amo Jr’s music expresses his personal struggles and also the triumphs. How it came to be released is a story. Amo says, “Actually, I wanted to release a completely different song, a dance track first, but the video creator I urgently wanted to work with didn’t feel that song. So, I sent him a couple of other songs, and he picked ‘Emotion.’ “

I have not heard the other songs, but I think the video creator’s choice was good in’ Emotions.’ The song is wonderfully expressive, packed with gentleness yet underpinned with strong and not-so-subtle feelings; it pulls the heartstrings mercilessly. A new music video accompanies the single release. 

Amo Jr. – Emotions (Official Video) – YouTube

Emotions | Amo Jr. (



Composer: Amo Jr

Arrangements: Amo Jr and Franz Schedlbauer

Piano – Amo Jr

Guitars, bass – Christian Schallert

Flute – Charlette Ortmann

Programming – Franz Schedlbauer

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