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Single Review: “The Rose” – Michaela Betts

Michaela Betts – The Rose

Oh. This is beautiful.

It starts off with a sparse arpeggiated piano part, then draws in a cello to give it the necessary bass part.

But then it drops into a beautiful electro synth piece that just gets better and better and better with each listen.

My mate Nick would love this, because the melodic choices are right up his street… 

The chromatic notes in the melody just make me shiver. 


They’re no blatant but they’re doing the job.

And what a beautiful job too. 

So, who’s Michaela Betts?

Well she’s Surrey based, and this is from her debut EP “Ripe Fruit”, her sound is described as Nordic Folk Electronic Pop, she has had quite an extraordinary journey so far, having worked as a film soundtrack vocalist and piano player, taught Gina McKee how to play piano for the BBC drama “Mothertime”. She has quite the creative pedigree too her father David F Betts is a singer/songwriter on the folk circuit. 

The more I read the more I want to know. Time to go check out her EP. 

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