Single Review: “Hold You” Dylan Purser feat. Lauren Walton

I have one word for this.


It starts off as a piano led ballad.

Very atmospheric. Lots of swirly synthy things that whisk you back to the 90s….

Somewhere in the distance, you hear the drums.

Those drums are tribal.

Well actually no it’s the signal of the children born in the 90s where Drum and Bass was born…

Lauren Walton’s vocals are wonderful. She sings with a soulful feel that speaks to your heart.

“Without you I can’t breathe. You’re the air I need…”

This is a love song, set to Drum and Bass and it’s done so well!

I’m probably going to embarrass Dylan now but I have known his mum and grandmother since he was a toddler, and according to his mum the piano lessons he was taking since the age of five are worth it.

I agree!

Dylan is 19 years old, a producer/musician from Birmingham UK. Lauren is from Leeds, having graduated from Leeds Conservatoire, and exploring all things bass. She has been pairing her unique style with the beautiful sounds of liquid D&B since 2020.


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