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Blog interview: Bad Money

It’s been a long while since we spoke! How are you?

Doing very well thank you!

The line up has changed too, from two to four, who’s in the band now?

We’ve added two of our talented friends to our roster. Kieran on vocals and guitar, and Tommy on the drums. They’ve added a lot of depth to our music since coming in with producing new songs and improving on the old.

Congratulations on the release of the album how does it feel? 

Feel relieved that it’s finally completed as it has been a long process, especially from producing it from afar. Definitely proud of the songs that the 4 of us have written together, and I’d say mostly we all feel excited to get it out there for everybody to listen to. 

Describe it in three words?

Funky. Nostalgic. Upbeat.

What are your favourite tracks from it?

I think we all have our personal favourites and each song has something different to offer. If we had to name some it would probably be “Tell me” since that was the first song the 4 of us wrote together, and “84” as it has that pure nostalgic 80s feel which is a time period which we really feed off.

It’s self produced, what were the challenges and high points of recording it? 

I think the challenges were getting our ideas and messages across in our whatsapp group, especially when reviewing a new bounce. More tricky than a face to face discussion in a studio somewhere, but we eventually get the correct balance that we are all happy with. The high points is definitely hearing the final product of each song. You work so hard to get to that point, so you reap the rewards of hearing that final version.

Tell us a funny story from the sessions.You know I don’t think there has really been any funny sessions of recording the album as we all produce our tracks from our home studios. Apart from the obvious banter in the group chat & video calls, the funniest will have to be the recording of the 84 music video. To get the required effect, we needed to film in double speed following a camera pratting about down a country road…multiple times!


The project includes remixed versions of your songs, what was the catalyst for this?

Two reasons really. First being that with the inclusion of Tommy & Kieran, we really wanted to put their stamp on it and really make them feel part of the whole album rather than just part of it. Secondly is because as we produced more songs, the more we learned in terms of techniques & overall polish and to really achieve that all the songs share the same time and quality. When I say we, I mean Ben.

COVID had a major impact on the creative industry what kept you motivated?

I don’t think it had too much impact on us. I mean yes it would be nice being in the same room working on music, but one thing we’ve learned is that collectively on our own we can push ourselves more as we’re not using shared time so we can really get that bit extra. I think it’s because we haven’t been looking to play live, especially in the early days as we wanted to take our time and have something we’re proud to showcase on a live stage. Now that restrictions are lifted and we have an album, we can definitely start think about getting out there to our audience.

2020 was a time to reflect what did you learn about yourselves?

Patience. Definitely patience, as everyone is at home and someone may need to share an idea or a track that needs recording. So many things that all require patience as you can’t get a “quick” result like you can in a studio. I think bands definitely are guilty of not having a lot patience with each other, but having this in our locker really has helped us become closer and understand one another better to get the end result that we are all looking for.

Did you pick up any new skills?

I don’t think we’ve picked up anything new at all, just improved on things such a big one like communication. Especially being isolated from one another for large periods of time. I will admit sometimes communication was a struggle but we learned to overcome to help understand one another better. I think from all the above we have been passively improving working as a team so much and that is the 1 skill a band needs.

What are you all listening to at the moment?That definitely varies. It really depends on which member you ask. It can go from “Dua Lipa” all the way to Sufjan Stevens.


What’s next for you?

We don’t really set long term goals, and just face each challenge and opportunity as it comes. What’s next for us right now is to just focus on our album release to give it the best possible exposure. We’ll of course keep everyone up to date on our social accounts with whatever announcement we may have next.



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