Single review: “A Perishing Of Cherished Things” – Barbara

This song whisks me back in time with the use of kitsch organ noises especially, with the radio tuning noise at the beginning, and there’s a violin being played. I like storytelling songs in the lyrics, and a good example of this is the fact that this song is about Wendy, who was a writer with talent married to Alan. Hey I like the way that rhymed and there’s a friend called Sharon.

The strings, vocal harmonies, use of trumpets and percussion really caught my ear, and it was lovely to listen to. Kind of Beatlesesque, I don’t know why, it just gives me that idea…

Great harmonies on this – best part of the song for me. The rehearsals must be fun to sit in on! Oh and the big timpani outro – not used in pop music much nowadays, I think we need to bring them back.

What would happen if The Happy Somethings met these guys in a bar with Nick from The Jojo Man Nand noodling with a guitar in the corner?

Something to ponder.

Barbara are brothers Henry and John Tydeman from Hove, and they list 70s US AM radio, English music hall, the effortless catchiness of a Broadway musical, a sprinkling of sequinned power pop, luscious Disney strings, and glorious golden harmonies as part of their DNA.

What’s not to love?


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