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Single Review: “Finally Alive” – Edsun

Track Of The Day “Finally Alive” @edsunmusic

This starts off as what I thought would be a retro disco track, especially with that piano and the bass drop.. but then it kicks into something funky, loving the muted guitar on this… watch out for the drum rolls because that’s where it changes up into a really funky groove… second verse brings in the percussion…. Wow! Banger!!!!

The strings run at 0:13 is brilliant, and they come in and out sustaining the chords, the build up over vocals is what brings things up… This is going to be a radio classic given the chance. Love the horns on this on this. 

The breakdown point at 1:30 is so good, but then there’s  the outro where it’s just clapping and vocals! Big smile right now. This song has put a bounce in my step for the weekend for sure. 

EDSUN’s a multidimensional force from Luxembourg, combining contemporary Dance and R&B to create bold and uplifting Art. His abundant creativity and artistic direction is best expressed in his live shows and visuals.
His inspiration comes from energy sources like SZA, Janelle Monáe and Beyoncé.

EDSUN strives to be remembered as a Performer that stood up for something, a badass risk taker.


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