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Single Review: “Perfect Victim” – Hailey Orion

This track starts off with some ethereal sounds that disorient you but in a good way! The vocals are arranged in such a way in the beginning, sung ahhhs in different pitches, then there’s a sound that makes it feels like you’re sucked into reality. Then the main vocals come in over bell like synth sound. I’m invested. The kick drum that comes in at 0:42 has quite a thud to it which tells me it’s either layered or it didn’t start out life as a kick…. 

Either way, this song has got all the good bits! 

There’s a melody line at 1:25 that just blew me away… It involves F# C# Eb E – What a beauty of a melody run! 

This song is full of anger, and it’s obvious from the outset, I don’t know the mechanics of how this song came into being but from what I know it’s about women with certain experience. It certainly made me sit down and examine the words and the music that little bit more.

The line that got me though is right at the end:

“What is it about him, that he gets away with it, 

After all that he did he gets to play the vic- 


What a song. 

This is from an EP called “You Win”, I will not pretend and say I know what this is about but it’s kind of obvious, it’s packed full of pain. I’m not being overdramatic here it just is what it is. 

I hope all involved find peace. 


Who’s Hailey Orion?

Well this is what her Spotify bio says.

Hailey Orion explains, “My lineage derives from a long line of alcoholics and addicts and if you’re a woman, the most you’ll do is stay quiet, cook, clean, and dampen your dreams. There was a lot of abuse in our household, a lot of confusion, a lot of big feelings I didn’t know how to process as a kid, so I turned to writing.” Now, she is using her music to empower and break generational curses. Perhaps this is why hundreds of thousands of young women all over the world have identified with her authenticity as an artist and media has a shared sentiment that she’s “Easy to root for. She’s an incredibly gifted singer…she’s herself.”

Official | Instagram 

Official | Instagram 


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