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Single Review: “This Life (Dance Remix)” – Abi Mia

This is the brand new single from Abi Mia, and it brings all of the energy of a classic EDM track, nice little build up from the bassline setting the tone to the drums dropping in with a 4 on the floor beat. It’s minimal, the synth choices are inspired in my opinion! I love the fact she’s using vocal samples to punctuate the instrumental. 

Talking of which, her vocals are clear, not muddied and lost in the mix, I say this often a mix is important to the track, and can make or break a song and Abi I applaud you for this. 

Compared to the original mix, which is essentially a slowed down version I prefer this dance version it’s got me grooving and foot tapping, I’m not a dancer by any means, but this…. This is NICE!

So…. Who’s Abi Mia? Well she’s an independent singer songwriter from London. She released her debut single “Fly Your Way” in October 2020. She studied history and also has a passion for health and fitness having her own successful personal training business, and competing in weightlifting competitions. 

It is said that she is full of unexpected surprises, and that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. I’m looking forward to what’s next from her.

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