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Single Review: Geiste – Twig

I am very familiar with GEISTE having interviewed her, and it was a joy to see this song among the Songbird HQ inbox as well as in my email. 

I’m a fan.

So let’s talk “Twig.” Atmospheric intro. Synths laying the foundation for what you’d think is a ballad, then Geiste’s vocals coming in you’d think it was a ballad. But… No. The drums drop in with an arpeggiated bassline, which stutters through the track, giving the track a real nice touch, I love the way that this track uses unconventional instrumentation until the piano comes in for the breakdown. It takes you on a bit of a soundscape journey, the synth intro sets the tone, and the 808 drums give it edge, you could imagine this being remixed into a stomping EDM track too. What I like about this is the fact that it moves and stops giving Geiste’s vocals space to really shine, and the harmonies give it a really nice touch. I like the use of bigger drums to punctuate the chorus, and the outro of “Out there…” being sung really gets you. Bottom line, I love it. It’s a dark track, don’t expect it to be a love song, it’s just not… It’s a song that gives a voice to things that are probably considered taboo still which is sad, but in a day and age where things need to be spoken about then this is the way forward, and I hope Geiste gives more of a voice to the unheard with her platform.

So… Who is she? Well she’s from the south of France (I’m really not jealous…), she’s been on my radar since the release of “Alibi” back in October, and has definitely caught the ear of Deezer, BBC Introducing having played for them live. She has an EP coming out which is where this is from and all I can say is keep an eye out you will not be disappointed. 

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