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The Scribes X AstroSnare – I’m Back ft. MC Duke (MUSIC VIDEO) Review

“I’m back, back by popular demand, back on the beats back with the mic in hand I’m back like your spine, back one more time, back to show these rappers how to really spit a rhyme…”

With a slick beat, flows that hit different the Bristol crew The Scribes are back, this time out of lockdown and to paraphrase their lyric – back by popular demand.

And they’ve brought reinforcements. MC Duke is on the track, and they bring the classic call and response of old school hip hop. One of the things I like about these guys is the fact they make pop culture references – Blackstreet get a shout out here, as well as a reference to “20 seconds to comply…” this could be a reference to Robocop or the classic hip hop track “20 Seconds To Comply” by Silver Bullet. Even in my poppy days this did not by bypass me.

The video is shot in what looks like a warehouse and intersperses with a footage from the studio, shot in the shadows (I like that), and each rapper has a chance to shine. The beat is relentless so this makes it easy. While in lockdown this shows The Scribes have not rested on their laurels, and are ready to come back to the live circuit with a crowd pleaser.

Well done lads.

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