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Single Review: “Will U Be Mine?” Grace Calver

This is the ultimate in pop songs, and even the press release that came with it says it’s the cheesy one.


It’s definitely not.

Grace shows off great musicianship here with drums that punch through, really gritty 8 bit sounds by the way! What a choice for a track – but then when you look at the cover of the single it makes sense! The drums then give way to proper acoustic rock ones, and this the foundation for the track, you’ve got synths sitting comfortably with the guitars which are mixed tastefully by the way. Some on the left some on the right. What a mix! Loving the subby bass too… this song is about having a crush… we have all been there! This is what Grace has to say about it.

‘Will U Be Mine?’ (formerly known as ‘The Cheesy One’ when it was nameless and being tried out in my live set) will be released on 2nd February 2024. A song about instant attraction, catching someone’s eye across the room, wondering if they felt it too or just smiled at you out of politeness! Do you take the chance and ask them? Tell me I am not the only one to crush on someone I’ve just met and imagine in detail how it could work out. Now you see why it was called the cheesy one!

‘Will U Be Mine?’ is an energetic and fun pop song with swirly guitars and lively synths. When I started writing the synth part for the song I was taken back to the music in the video games I have played over the years and I leant into these for inspiration. This then led to the art work idea of me as my very own pop star video game character, drawn by the very talented El Locksmith who I met at college a couple of years ago.

The song was produced, mixed and mastered by Jake Day at North Acre Studios.

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