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Single Review: “Retrospective” – Charlotte Adelle

The thing that struck me about this song was the atmospheric production of it. It’s epic, the single note on the piano keeping time, along with the swirling synths.

This is beautiful.

The chorus is where it got me though both lyrically and musically.

The song starts off with the acceptance that no amount of distance can separate the protagonist from her love. This song is about the relationship between Charlotte and God, while it’s not expressed there are key clues there – her Spotify account states about her faith. The lyrics refer to Him being there for her always, before she was born, calling her by name and knowing her before she was born. This is a song of worship, and it’s got me goose bumping all over.


Musically the harmonies are strong, the hits are all in the right places. In the chorus it hits so hard – the harmonies are on the word “there”… “care”, “left”.. it’s a natural position and its impact for me just…


The bridge lyrics?

That’s my favourite bit!

“You loved me before I knew you,
You called me out by name,
Gave me a new start that I never
thought my life could be this way.

And how could I ever earn it,
Your amazing grace,
I love that I don’t deserve it,
And it won’t ever change.

In retrospective you were always there…”


Australian-Mauritian music artist, producer & engineer Charlotte Adelle, is a dynamic force in the pop music scene, serving as an in-house songwriter and producer at Universal Music’s prestigious Forbes Street Studios. With an impressive track record, including being a support act for renowned artists like ANGE and Alexander Pappas, Charlotte captivates audiences with her undeniable talent and captivating performances. She draws inspiration for her music from her faith and personal experiences to share relatable songs about the human experience. She is set to release her debut EP this year ‘I Am Not A God’.

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