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Single Review: “Heed The Call” – Sir Archer

This tune is stunning! This could easily be one of my top tunes of the year! 16th notes on the hi hat with with percussion, lovely bit of electric piano but then the chorus hits with that distorted bass…. The vocals are so soulful it hurts… oh lord the guitar solo! Wowwwwwwwww! I’m in heaven right now! 

Let’s break it down. 

The vocals come in, they remind me a little of Michael Buble, with a bit of Bill Withers in there, it’s got a husky quality to it, and that works.

At 0:37 bass, comes in over the 16th note hi hats, and there’s a cowbell on this too, which hits the sweet spot of the whole song, guitar comes in for a strum at 1:14. It’s just a tease at it’s just getting warmed up. 


Harmonies at 1:33 but then there’s a change in the chords over the chorus…. But then… forget what I just said!

Listen to 1:51….

I am dancing now!

Percussion – congas, tambourines, cowbells, they literally threw everything at this track!!!!

2:28 with a “yeeeeeeeeeahhhhhhhh” the guitar solo comes in – wah’s with reverb. 

My God. 

What am I listening to here???

My brain just melted….

From their Spotify: Much more than your standard condiment. Sir Archer is a flavour guaranteed to satisfy, a kick of spice in Nanna’s casserole.

Pure and raw, Sir Archer takes shape as a 7-piece supergroup like that of an era much before their time. A band sizzling with energy that doesn’t settle for mild, this is the real deal. No smoke and mirrors.


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