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Single Review: “Shut The Door” – LEHI. Words: Sammy Stein

Hailing from Hartlepool, England, Lehi is a solo artist who writes, plays, records, and produces his music. Lehi began composing music as a child and became a guitarist in a band at a young age. In 2015, he began recording music with a friend in his college music studio. He and a school friend formed The Eutony and released three guitar-focused singles, including ‘Nightlife’ in 2017. In 2021 Lehi graduated from Leeds Beckett University after studying music production. His years of performing in venues in the Northeast of England prepared him and he decided to go solo. He is an explorative musician and not one to be placed in a particular genre. For Lehi, music is a soundtrack to his life. His debut single was aired on more than forty radio stations and two of them made him their unsigned artist and record of the week as well as getting to the number 1 spot on It Is Now Radio Top Twenty and KB Radio Canada Indie Top 40. Lehi’s new single ‘Shut the Door’ is released on January 26th

As well as all this, Lehi has been featured on BBC Introducing, and ‘Shut The Door’ features on Radio X with John Kennedy this week.

A listen to the track gives the listener an idea of just why Lehi is being talked about as an artist to watch. It is listenable, memorable, and well-worked and Lehi’s delivery is engaging. 

Lehi is one of those artists who, when you listen to his music, you know he is going places. With a strong, tuneful voice and excellent backing, ‘Shut The Door’ is special and deserves your attention.

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