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Single Review: “Summer” – Francesca Guerra

This has such a chilled out vibe to it, and while I’m sitting here waiting for the day to begin, it’s got me feeling all fuzzy and warm inside….

I love Francesca’s vocals on this which have been chopped and sliced so that it becomes part of the instrumentation – it’s a little trick that you can easily miss if you don’t know what you’re listening for.. I love the subby bass too, it makes it gives it some oomph… 

Drums wise it’s very percussive, using synth drums which have been programmed really well glitching in and out toward the end. 

Top production.

Overall, I like the way the synths and atmospheric pianos are deployed on this, it makes it overall a very enjoyable listen.

Thanks Francesca for sending it over!

Francesca Guerra is an Italian singer songwriter who started out in Rome before moving to London, studied at ICMP London and she worked with Georgia Winter and Evin Durkin on this. Her debut single received over 10,000 streams and kudos from Brainstorming Magazine, and has another single due out April. All in all a very exciting time for her. 

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