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Single Review: “Time Rift” – inSINcere

What I like about this song is that it easily switches gear. It starts off with a rhythmic acoustic guitar riff over hi hats, then the bassline comes in after a tom and snare hit signalling It but there is more to come…. I want to talk about one thing that drew my attention in this song.

The first line references Robert Duvall’s iconic line in “Apocalypse Now” – “I like the smell of Nepali in the morning.”

I’ve never seen the film before but I got the reference immediately!

Also, the person who likes the ringing in their ears? That’s tints. Get that looked at ASAP!

Anyway all jokes aside, the the switch over to where it gets all rocky at 1:33 I love the guitar tone here… What a track. I’d love to hear more from this band. 

From his youtube channel: 

inSINcere is the brainchild of Gary Turner, a musician from North Tonawanda, New York. He started making music in 1997, when he released his first song, “Confirmation”. Since then, he has released several songs and albums each one showcasing his talent and creativity as a musician. 

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