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Blog interview: James Brett

Hello James how are you?

I’m good thanks, just been keeping myself busy lately by playing mic nights! So can’t complain

You are a singer songwriter, how did it begin for you?

Well I’ve always been into music, started playing guitar when i was about 14 but it was’t till i started at college a few years later that I got into into it more. I took music as my course so I began writing material then.

You have had a busy few years with EP releases. How does it feel?

Yeah it’s great to have all that up there, that was always the dream to just keep writing & put music out. i never wanted to get stuck with a load of material & nobody heard it, so I produced it all myself, besides maybe one or two songs to speed up the process. I’ve still got stuff I’m working on now which i aim to put up this year, so more is on the way!

What lessons have you learned in the last year?

The main one is just be comfortable with not caring what people think & to write/release the music you think is great & not to please everyone else. Also very recent one but to appreciate the opportunities around you to push you forward & just go for them more to get exposure.

Your songs are honest and about everyday life. How does your writing process begin?

I’m always writing, mainly just writing down lyric ideas when i’m out & about & then when i’ve got a guitar idea or something, i’ll just try piece things together until I hear what’s in my head!

You keep things simple with your instruments, what’s in your set up?

Yeah I’ve never been massively into guitar pedals anyways, i just record the basic track with an acoustic & layer electric guitar parts when i record. Follow the stuff i’m influenced by in terms of sound, if i think it’s good then i’ll probably use it.

You’ve performed live, what’s your favourite aspect of this?

The response from people when you’ve just written something new, that’s a great feeling. Obviously showing others your creation & it to be well received, can’t be taken for granted.

Living in Brighton, an artful hub what are your favourite places to hang out?

It’s full of some delightful pubs, at the moment i’m just spending most of my time of a night in one. Probably cause i’m playing there that night. Anywhere in the Lanes is pretty good too, certainly feel like there you find more independent establishments

What Brighton artists are getting you excited at the moment?

There’s so much talent about, so i could be here all day listing bands/artists but a few favorites are Demonstrations, Luan Mei, BADLAWS, Gaffa Tape Sandy, Miguel Cosme & of course always got love for Dirt Royal!

What are you looking forward to most in the next year?

I’m looking forward to getting the music that i’m currently working on out to the world & seeing how it’s received, whilst keep trying to play as much as possible live.

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