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Single Review: “Music Is The Drug” – Roleplay

A nice slice of EDM here, but it’s more than just that. There are some lush strings on this, and I love the house piano riff on this. This track puts you in a good mood soon as it starts, and it’s the harmonies in the chorus that whisk you off. 

What’s the song about? 

Well it’s the age old story of how music lifts you up. The first verse is about how little things that we are used to just doesn’t cut it – so we surrender to the rhythm…

The chorus lifts it up and it becomes an anthem, where you suddenly feel alive with the sounds around you the music taking you to another place…

This track has a 90s vibe, and I reckon if those strings aren’t live then they should be, they’re heavenly! 

What a tune. 

Swedish born, UK based artist and producer Roleplay (Anna Haara Kristoferson) is a multi-instrumentalist who spent her childhood in choir academies. Roleplay is Haara Kristoferson’s first solo project outside of her ventures as lead vocalist in Yassassin.

In her electronica infused dream-pop, Roleplay blends lushly layered harmonies and hypnotic sequencers with cinematic string arrangements and infectious beats. The alluring melodies and rich productions create a shimmering soundscape that recalls late 90s pop. Her music has already caught the attention of Jack Saunders at BBC Radio 1 and Lauren Lavern at Radio 6 Music.


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