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Song Review: “Mayday Mayday” – The Clockworks

The Clockworks are back with a heavy hitting alt rock track, my favourite on their new album so far. Big guitars! Big drums! Big vocals! This song is about the world we live in now, I’m assuming that it’s alluding to the cost of living crisis, because there’s references to money, and lack of it and not wanting to be the one to turn down people asking for help… we are all basically in the same boat…

What do I mean? 

Well, for me the first verse alludes to temporary work, (“It’s just for now, it’s just for now”), you’re having to tighten the belt and not be as sharing with those around you. The lyrics say “I need a pay day” but this could be adapted to I need a break, or I need a win… It’s essentially a rallying cry for the people right now. 

Back in the 70s when there was a huge economic slump the punk scene was the word of the street of the common man, protest songs were the thing, and this song is vital even today. 


So who are The Clockworks? Well, check out my interview with them here.

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