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Single Review: “Soda Pop” LUNIKK

What I like about this song is the way that it stutters rhythmically. It’s got a tasty groove to it, but to give it more character the synths are punchy, giving the drums more space to stop and start. This also gives way to the vocals being able to be the star here. An enjoyable listen indeed! The title is misleading, you would think that you’re going to hear a pop song but this is anything but that, it’s dark in its progression, and it’s half time in tempo. 

I like that. 

The transistor tuning at the beginning is genius because it’s matching real world to words – there’s a word for that… 

But the first verse is this: 

“Our dead land is just a stop, 

So let’s open up our soda pop

And drive in the mist, 

Their venom is spilled 

Their venom is spilled.” 

The meaning could be simple but for me, it’s saying the world is screwed (our dead land is just a stop)

So let’s just carry on the way we are (Let’s just open up our soda pop – it could be a soft drink or alcohol – either way too much would be self destructive) 

And watch the world slowly die anyway. (Their venom is spilled.)

But hey that’s just my take. 

The distuned notes towards the end is disconcerting but it makes for an interesting listen. 

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