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Single Review: “Blood” – Soft Velvet Lounge

What I like about this song is the very indie pop vibe on this…. Very dreamy vocals that swirl around you, and with a powerful production as the backdrop it really does hit the spot. 

The synths being played are interesting choice sound wise, to begin with you hear a very quiet synth pad which continues throughout the track, along with some lead synth playing which I really like. The drums are full and punchy, which is very evident at the beginning where they make themselves known by a big fill at around 0:03 then going on to give little fills here and there, then you have the bass playing back riff which just sits perfectly in the rhythm.

What I like about the vocals is how they handle the melody, it’s very calming to me, and for that reason this is probably one of my favourite tracks I’ve been sent this year. 

After months of quarantining in Alaska, songwriter Jazz Talia posted some acoustic ideas to online music forums in hopes of finding others to collaborate with. Of the many who’d responded, Zedadiah Martinez stood above the rest (quite literally). Together they would foster a friendship while working on their demos via video call. Not long after, Jazz would fly out to California to record at Zedadiah’s home studio. Of these sessions would come their debut album, ‘Life of the Party’, which is available digitally on DSPs and physically through

Special thanks to Cian at Liberty Music PR


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