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Single Review: “Childish Games” – Maya Lane


Maya’s back with a beautiful acoustic ballad that shows off her songwriting skills as well as her voice…

The song starts off with acoustic Maya’s voice over some acoustic guitar which is finger picked – sounds gorgeous, love the progression in the opening by the way. It really catches the ear. 

The harmonies in the chorus are gorgeous!

There’s a vulnerability that adds to the melancholy of the song, I wonder if I can call it an intervention for the person she’s written it about? 

What do I mean?

Well, she’s talking about the person drinking and getting high to separate themselves from their problems – the person has had their heart broken, and she’s reminding them that they turn 18 soon so they don’t want their life wasted.

Pretty simple and blunt message really. 

It just ends with “I love you but I’ve had enough.” Straight to the gut. 

Nice work Maya. 

This is her second single, and she’s showing off her storytelling skills beautifully through her lyrics, it’s almost a diary and I can’t wait to hear more from her. 

Check out our interview below! 

Special thanks to Kwame Kwaten and Jonny Taylor,Ferocious Talent

Blog interview: Maya Lane

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