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Blog Interview: Ferge X Fisherman

Congratulations on the release of “Duality” how does it feel?

Thank you! It feels great! We’ve been working on this record for quite some time and are more than proud to finally show it to the world.

It’s a 14 track project, what’s the story behind it?

The idea behind the record was to do something completely honest and representative for us as a group. We chose to continue the narrative of our last record. „Duality“ is a self-portrait of a musician raised in an affluent society and taking his first small steps onto the giant stages of the music industry. The songs address the everyday realities he faces, such as emotional turmoil, his relationships, the contradictions in his own thoughts and actions and his quest for self-worth. By way of contrast, the security and comfort that his privileges bring are reflected musically throughout the album.

What was the easiest and most difficult part of the process of putting it together?

The easiest part was the actual production and the recording of the songs. It felt like we all shared the same vision in the studio and the musical compromise immediately felt good for everyone involved. The most difficult part was to actually release and market the album with everything that’s going on in the world right now. In times like these, with war going on in Ukraine and a global pandemic it feels kind of weird to communicate that your new album is super important and everyone should listen to it…

What’s your favourite track?

My favorite track is „Trust“, because I feel its the most unique record of the album. I love the beat Ferge made and the open jazzy ending of the song. „Trust“ is so musically complex without losing its vibe. I also love „Reality“ feat. Black Milk and Takuya Kuroda for the same reason

You’re a duo from Germany, how did you come together?

We got to know each other skateboarding in our hometown when we were fifteen(Nürnberg) We met and it clicked immediately. We shared the same passion for Hip Hop and Ferge ́s dad had all the necessary audio equipment at home to record a song. So one day we decided to so. And now we’re here.

What were your first writing sessions like?

I used to eat candy and chips all the time while Ferge was making beats. I usually wrote my lyrics at home and already had em done before I came to his place. As soon as we found a beat to match the vibe of the lyrics we started recording. So pretty early on Ferge became my recording engineer… Turned out to be useful because he still mixes our albums today.

What did you listen to for influences?

A lot of 70s Jazz. Artists like Bill Evans or Remo Palmier and of course 90s and 00s Hip Hop like Outkast or J Dilla. Germany also had a very vibrant alternative Beatmaker scene back then, so people like Dexter, Suff Daddy. Juju Rogers influenced as a lot. Jakarta Records, a music label from Berlin was one of our favorite record label back then.

You have quite a jazzy feel to your tracks, how does writing usually start out for you?

We mostly start with a concept, a mood and a shared vision of where we want to go musically. Ferge starts to produce beats while I start to write lyrics. As soon as we’ve created something worthy we’ll show it to the band (LakesideBoyz) and they do their magic. That ́s when most of the jazz elements are added to the songs.

If you could have three guest collabs who would it be?

  1. Ivan Ave

  2. D ́angelo

  3. Chet Baker

You are about to go out on tour how are preparations going?

We are working on a light show at the moment. We’ve never really built our own stage lighting setup before, so that’s exciting and as soon as that’s done we ́ll start rehearsing the songs together with the Lakesideboyz. We ́ll probably lock ourselves in for a week or two.

Are there any particular venues you’re looking forward to perform in?

The Jazz Cafe in London is a dream of mine. (One day maybe) Other than that, we feel blessed to be able to play in amazing venues on the whole tour all over Germany and Austria…

Covid impacted the creative industry what kept you motivated?

Mostly the fact, that we as a group and individuals had a lot of time to reflect, grow and learn during the pandemic. We were able to use the time off to make new experiences which led to a new motivation and the urge to express ourselves through music

The last two years have been a time to reflect, what did you learn about yourselves?

A lot. We are talking about some of it on the record. The fact that all of us were privileged enough to keep on doing that we love, made us realize how big that privilege really is. We learned how to deal with growing egos and how we like to determine success…

Did you pick up any new skills?

I learned how to make vegan pierogis. I also started cutting hair and learned how to properly do left handed layups on the basketball court.

What are you listening to at the moment?

I ́m listening to Reginald Omas Mamode the IV at the moment. His new record is fantastic. I also kind of rediscovered a German singer by the name of Jesper Munk. He has a great new album out as well.

What are you looking forward to doing next?

We might be playing a couple shows in England in Fall! Thats a real highlight for us. Other than that, a next record. We are already working on new material…

Special thanks to Andy Kettle @ Steaming Kettle PR

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