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Single Review: “Sirens” – Sunflower Thieves

Leeds based duo Sunflower Thieves make a welcome return with their single “Sirens”. 

I love the vocals on this and the production is outstanding nothing overpowering the overall song. This is typical of Amy and Lily’s musical style, and I’m here for it.. 

There’s a synth part that accompanies the chorus that I need to find the patch for by the way! 

The harmonies are interwoven you’d think they were born to sing like this… 

I just want to point out that Amy and Lily have a watertight friendship almost like a sisterhood and this reflects in their songwriting and vocals, this is a beautiful piece of work and I just want to listen to it over and over. 

So… Who are Sunflower Thieves? 

Well, they’re a Leeds based duo with 16 years of friendship between them, this comes from their upcoming EP “Someone To Be There For”, they are both very capable musicians playing keyboards and guitar… 

Yeah we definitely need to talk about that keyboard sound!


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