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Single Review: “Sai Ram” – Balladeste

This has a gorgeous Celtic feel, violin leading the way, and it just whisks you away across windswept greenery… It’s a gorgeous melody that just made me close my eyes and dream…

It reminds me of something I’d hear as a romantic theme in a film, introducing the heroine with attitude, the leader, the heart of the group. It’s funny how these pieces give you that imagery, and this does it really well. I love a good instrumental, and the arrangements are bang on.

So, who are Balladeste? Well they’re a duo comprised of Preetha Narayanan (violin) and Tara Franks (cello). They describe themselves as indo-baroque meets alt folk minimalism. They’ve been played on BBC Radio 3 and discussed on BBC Radio 4’s Women’s Hour, and are supported using Arts Council England funding, as well as the PRS Open Fund and Women Make Music. Having had a look at their website they’ve got some great videos on there too, my favourite being Dina Dukhio.

Oh yeah.

They can play stringed instruments beautifully.

But then you hear them sing.

– NO SPOILERS! But do go check them out.



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