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Interview: Pimlican and Josie


Congratulations on the release of ”Without You”, how does it feel?

Describe it in three words:

 Pimlican: Pleased, groovy, optimistic.

Josie: so SO EXCITING!

Pimlican you are a DJ and producer, Josie you’re a singer songwriter, how did this project come together?

Pimlican: It happened from my end because I was hearing Josie’s tracks being played on Neil’s Trust The Doc Radio Show. I mentioned that Josie’s voice has a quality and sound that resembles Rita Coolidge and Carly Simon. Neil picked up on this and suggested on air that perhaps we could try working on something together and see how we get on. I was really happy to work with Josie so I put together the backing track for ‘Temptation’.

Josie: I was introduced to Pimlican by Neil March in the first lockdown… Having never met him in real life, he sent me the track for Temptation and I just loved it!!! Musically we just clicked and the rest is history I guess!

What were your influences starting out?

Pimlican: This is a cool question. To be honest, back in 2016 I was totally influenced by the German dance scene and in particular a duo called Harris & Ford. There are others but their whole approach to selling their sound on and off stage was the right fit to me.

I have obviously widened my ideas since then, and I now watch and listen                                                             carefully to many different music outlets and radio shows as time allows.

Josie: Starting out as a singer songwriter I took inspiration from artists such The Carpenters and Eva Cassidy with their intimate singer songwriter vibes. But for the more upbeat stuff we collaborate on I like to bring in more soulful jazz influences – It’s so much fun to have the freedom to write and perform in that style!


This is your third single together, how does a typical writing session begin for you? 

Pimlican: I have a basic idea of how the track will ‘appear before I begin laying sounds down. I normally will look for sounds that complement Josie’s vocals. Recently however this has changed as we have opted to go for a more Garage/Bassline groove on the next track.


Josie: Usually Pimlican will have worked his magic on the track producing the beats (or insert other DJ lingo). Then he will send it over to me to write a melody and lyrics, creating a hook line or chorus that then becomes the title of the track. There’s sometimes a bit of back and forth for fine tuning but typically it’s a pretty slick process – we just seem to gel! Even though we’d never spoken in real life! The whole process has been remote!


What’s the easiest and hardest part of the process for you?

Pimlican: I always find the most challenging part of the whole process to be the mastering. In my experience it’s virtually impossible to get the mix right first time, often it may take several attempts depending on the final sound required.


Josie: The easiest part is finding a melody, because Pimlican’s tracks are so INCREDIBLE the tunes just come naturally!! But I think I sometimes struggle with the lyrics, especially in this genre – I’m not cool enough!!


You played Neil March’s “Tomorrow Calling” festival, what was it like? 

Pimlican: That was an amazing experience, I totally enjoyed the day and really enjoyed performing. Finally getting on stage with Josie who was superb, we were able to bring our tracks to a live audience which was great. Seemed to go down well too. I also loved being able to perform a live scratch up at last!


Josie: The festival was beautiful! So many unique and talented people everywhere!!! I always find it nerve wracking performing to that kind of audience! Not only was it the first time Pimlican and I had performed together, but also the first time we had ever met!! But everyone was so supportive and boogied the night away with us – a very special gig indeed!


Pimlican, you remix too. If you could remix an artist’s back catalogue who would it be? 

Pimlican: Nice question Del that’s a tough one, but I am going to have to say Alicia Keys. Great songs as well as the voice.


Josie, you studied music production and composition, what was one valuable lesson you learned during that time?

Josie: Collaborate collaborate collaborate! And that’s exactly what I’ve done! I love working on my solo material don’t get me wrong… But I am so proud of all the work I have produced with others. It makes it even more worthwhile when you achieve something together! 


COVID has impacted the creative in a big way; what kept you motivated?

Pimlican: If anything it has made me more determined to get things done  and hit deadlines. It seemed so important to me to keep all the wheels turning at that time, it also kept me focused over what was an awful period for many.


Josie: YES. I mean no one would answer no to this… hahah! But in terms of Pimlican it has impacted me in a great way! I’m not sure if i would ever have got this opportunity if we hadn’t progressed to working online! However I am so bloody relieved that we can get back to live gigs again! BRING IT ON!


2020 was a time to reflect what did you learn about yourselves? 

Pimlican: I learned that life sometimes hangs by a thread so make the most of it. 2020 was a time to focus for me, I felt that if I hadn’t have kept myself so busy then it could have been easy to let things drift.


Josie: I learned that family is the most important thing. So lockdown found me stuck at home with the parents, which at first was a shock to the system!!! But now that life is back to fast-paced/ crazy/ normal I miss the down time with them. I also realised how valuable my friends are, quite a few of whom are from all over the world and we all stuck it out and stayed in touch despite the struggle!!


What are you listening to at the moment? 

Pimlican: Lots of dance music, current faves are Gorgon City, they are pretty slick but always creative.


Josie: So this is going to expose my real musical identity here but I have been listening to Passenger a lot recently as I went to his recent gig at the Brixton Academy and just fell in love – cringe?! Told you I wasn’t cool enough for this! 

I also love to listen to what all my friends are releasing, so much talent has come from the lockdown – to name a few: CORBETT, The Kings Parade, Flo Gallop, AnFlo


What are you looking forward to next?

Pimlican: Songs. Hopefully performing live together in the not too distant future. Also getting more BBC Introducing airplay to go with the great support Neil has already given us.


Josie: I can’t wait to do more live gigs! Pubs… festivals… stadiums… world tours maybe…  please?! Hahaha



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