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Single Review: “Bitter Weather” – Lizzie Esau

I cannot say this enough.



I could just imagine just putting my something stinks in the room face on while watching Lizzie Esau sing this live – You know the one – the one where the music contorts your face so much as a reaction to what you’re hearing.

It’s a real thing. Trust me on this.

Lizzie, that’s high praise by the way.

The song goes through so many changes, starts off with vocals, guitar, drums – there’s a stop then dun dun duuuun – straight into the chorus. Lizzie part-sings part-raps this, and boy does she… Oh and the beautiful BEAUTIFUL harmonies… Wow…

There’s nothing wrong at all with this song. Perfect pop song…

This is why she has been awarded my track of the week.

Lizzie Esau is London born, Newcastle raised within a very artistic family (artist mother, musician father) her demos have caught the ear of BBC Introducing and local radio in the North East, and shortlisted for BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge. She also likes to collaborate… hmmm.

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