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Video Review: The Scribes X Krisengebeat “Stir Crazy Remix” Music Video Remix

The Scribes are back and they’ve got a great track “Stir Crazy” with as usual an uber cool video to promote it. 

So. What’s cool about this? Well let’s break it down. One thing that I’ve come to understand about this band is that you have to be open minded about their sound because the beats, the lyrics and visuals will surprise you. Remember I told you that. 

The video first of all is very different from their last one, it’s changed up, the colours are turned up, switching between different colours and animation added in. This shows you what The Scribes are more than capable of. Like I noted in my last review, independent artists are having to change things up in this period of covid and need to find a new way of doing things. it’s a big contrast to the beat, which you could just imagine driving around on a Friday night after work with this laying down the foundations for a great weekend. I had a word with Shaun from the band about The Roots when we were discussing this and he knows this is my kind of vibe, this is something that Questlove would drop to wind the party down to, the drums are hard it’s got me nodding my head right now. The bass line is floppy very elasticated, and the drop ins and drop outs keep it balanced…. 

I’ve had them on my radar since earlier this year, and when they name checked Eastenders in one of their tracks I had no choice but to support them…. I’d love to see this being performed live, even with a live band to give it that real jazzy feel. 

Congratulations gents. More. 

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