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Blog interview: Beyries

Hello Beyries how are you?
 Very good thanks! 😊

You are a singer songwriter from Canada how did it all begin for you?

Yes indeed, I’ve been singing profesionnally since 2015. I released my debut album, Landing, in 2017. Before that, I worked in the film industry. Encounter is my second album, I now feel that my career is really launched. I am doing the best job in the world!

Congratulations on the release of “Encounter” how does it feel?

I am very happy with the album launch and the fans’ response. Actually, I feel relieved. It was more difficult than I thought. Especially the lyrics. I can’t wait to play the songs live.

 What are your favourite tracks from it? 

Hum….not sure if i have favourite onesEach piece has its purpose.

The album is autobiographical, what were the triumphs and challenges for it? 

The challenges were mostly about songwriting. Also, COVID delayed the process, cast full doubt on the launch of the album.
The triumphs are to have been able to work again with Alex McMahon. To realize that we can still bring things to each other.
One of the things I am most proud of is to have followed one of my first goals; To make songs that would have a good sound quality for a live show for my fans. Since I didn’t have a lot of stage experience when I released my first album, I didn’t take this performative aspect into account when writing my lyrics and sound arrangements.

 COVID 19 has impacted the creative industry heavily, what has kept you motivated during this time? 

The fact that we are all in the same boat and just that we have no control of the situation. As most of us, I tried to take one day at a time. And knowing that my music will be out at some point. What else can we do!

Your sound is stunning what were your influences?

Thanks a lot I’m very happy that you like it! 😊

Carole King, Cat Stevens, Elton John – If you happened to know him personally, I would love to collaborate with him 😉
(I’d be right there with you!)

What artists are getting you excited at the moment?

Johann Johansson 

You started writing and recording demos using your family piano, what was your favourite part of this process?

Just playing the piano, an instrument I have been fascinated by since my childhood. During the composition process of “Landing”, I had the piano completely restored. It was very moving to have it with me in such good condition and it brought back so many memories.

You have a Canadian tour lined up for 2021, restrictions permitting, how are preparations going for that? 

For now, we’re moving forward and adjusting as the situation evolves… We had the opportunity to rehearse with a few tv shows, so we are getting started in a way. One thing is sure, it’s going to be a hell of a show! 

What are you looking forward to most next? 

Travelling again and meeting with the public. Live shows, meet with the fans. Just play music. Touring in Europe, especially in the UK.

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