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Single Review: “Spider Song” – Celia Grace

This starts off really gently, just an a cappella section at the beginning which is then joined by synth and piano, but don’t let that make you think it’s a ballad. It’s far from it – there’s a roar of distorted guitar before it just idles. This has a driving beat to it but that’s not obvious until when the drums come in at 0:29. The thing I like about this song is how descriptive the lyrics are. Celia Grace sings about being like a spider in a glass, having to fight past but then she sings about how she wants to be held like a child, being happy, being held like a puppy. It’s the way us humans want to be treated and she’s not afraid to sing it.

All in all a stunning song with great lyrics to match.

Celia Grace is from Hartlepool and having looked at her socials it says she’s currently battling cancer. I wish her well

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