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Single Review: “Power Of The Wolf” – Beth Roars.

This song has so much of a punch behind it I don’t even know where to begin. First up, the production value is up there… It combines eastern melodies and otherworldly synth sounds with electronica and pop sounds. 

The lyrics speak of uncertainty in life but when it comes down to it when you take on your spirit animal… anything is possible. There’s always a mask to hide behind and this is what the song is all about at the end of the day. In Beth’s own words: 

“When I first wrote, ‘Power Of The Wolf’ in my early twenties, it was a celebration of the wild, untamed aspects of youth. It was an anthem for those who dared to leave their mark on the world by resisting societal norms and expectations. But as time passed, I realised that what I had once seen as empowering was actually blind adherence to self-destructive patterns. The wolf, that once was a symbol of liberation for me, has become a double-edged sword. Once embodying strength, resilience and individuality, it now symbolizes society’s glorification of power and dominance. Now I see the song from a new perspective, with the awareness of having been lost in a time before I knew I needed help.”


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Special thanks to Danielle Holian @ Liberty Music PR

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