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Single Review: “Here, There And Everywhere” – Pat Metheny

I’ll be honest, Beatles songs to me are sacred texts. It’s almost sacrilegious to cover a Beatles song, because you have to make sure you get it right, or at least bring something new to the table for it. Thankfully most of the covers I’ve heard have been approached with reverence by true fans that are virtuosos at what they do, and Pat Metheny is no different. He stays true to the original work, giving it atmospheric flavour on his guitar and it’s just beautiful. While it’s a lullaby of a sort Pat has kept that quality and it’s made me close my eyes and relax.

The intro starts from the verse, it plays around the portion of the song – my favourite part – this deserves to be one of my favourite Beatles covers ever.


This is from Pat’s forthcoming album “Moondial” a 13 track project coming out late July. I’ve already featured tracks on my show thanks to Baxter PR and can’t wait to hear the final product:

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