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Single Review: “Wonder” – Mikey J

This is a track from Australian artist Mikey J, and it’s….


It’s a slow tempo track from his new album “Wondering”, and it’s lyrically it’s a reassurance about how his love would never change. It starts off with a set of questions: 

“Do you ever wonder if this life would 

be the same?

If you didn’t want to keep on playing this 

old game?

Do you ever wonder if your life could 

change for good?

If you really want to, it could.”

Then the reassurance comes in the the chorus:

“You don’t need to wonder if my love

for you will wane,

I’ll stay with you and keep you sane.”

Then it reverses as in he sings the same back but refers to himself in the other position.

This is a short and sweet song, and ends with a guitar solo which is nice and distorted, very simple nothing to over complicate things, and Mikey has nailed it here.

Instrument wise we have a Hammond organ, drums and bass, as well as the guitars as mentioned, I know that Mikey is a bass player as well as a vocalist he keeps it simple on everything in this song. 

Nice work Mikey! Check out our interview here.

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