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Single Review: “Daffodils” – Sleaze

This is a cracker of a track, the low register vocal reminds me a little bit of Damon Albarn that disinterested tone, but don’t let that fool you because it’s a cracker of a song with lyrics that are pure one liners. The disinterested vibe is intentional if you listen to the lyrics that’s all part of the overall story of the song.

“I’m walking through a super market

I’m trying to grab myself a bargain

Hoping for a royal pardon

From my queen

I put some flowers in the basket

I’m hoping that they pass the mustard

Cos I’ve been such a selfish b-——d.”

Instrumentwise I like the lead synth, the overall arrangement is catchy, especially with the background vocals singing ahhh ahhh’s, the music is strong, and catchy as hell.

At the end of it all, our hero in the song is trying every last ditch attempt to save a relationship that he doesn’t want to, but hoping he’ll be lucky this time, and it’s….


The band are from South East London like myself, and have garnered support from Steve Lamacq of 6 Music, this is their first release with the support of a label, they’ve also got gigs lined up next month, this will go down a storm I reckon live.

Sleaze are: David Ashby (vocals), Bede Trillo (bass), Jack Fussey (guitar), Al Grumble (keys) & Phil Lloyd (drums) they consider themselves post pub kebab shop glam rock – I like a good kebab but I don’t drink but this works for me.


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