Single Review: “Satisfy You” – The Heavy North

The Heavy North – Satisfy You

Straight out of the box, this track comes out swinging, with growling guitars full of attitude, Hammond organ glissando into the intro…

I like it! 

The drums power through leading the band into a blues laden track, Kenny Stuart bringing vocals that really bring it together. He leads the band through a track that you could just imagine everyone singing along to in the chorus. 

I love the way the arrangement swings, it’s 4/4 time but gives it that rocky feel that  lots of stabs, the vamping… It gives me nice things to listen out for with each play….

There’s an atmospheric little synth solo which takes the volume down a bit for your ears to recover, and it’s back to the action! Nice guitar solo by the way!

Great work gents. 

Who are The Heavy North?

Well they are a quintet from the musical holy Mecca of Liverpool, the lineup consists of:

Kenny Stuart (Lead Singer), Jose Ibanez (Guitarist/Producer), Andrew Horrocks (Bass Player), Ste Penn (Keyboard player), and Mark Rice (Drummer).

They have had “The Nod” from Chris Hawkins of 6 Music, as well as the late Janice Long (R.I.P.)

They’ve had gigs in 2021 and it looks like they’ve got more exciting things lined up by the sounds of this. 

Frankly, I want to see what’s next for them.

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