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Single Review: “Haunted House Remix” The Scribes x Krisengebeat

Bristol’s MCs are back with a remix of their track, which I loved… This time they dropped the tempo a little bit, and have gone for a film noir vibe for their video as well as recalling a bit of retro with the video. 

What do I mean?

Well, first of all, the backing track is built around an obscure jazz sample. Something that you’d expect from something like one of the old pulp films where a femme fatale is somehow involved, and the sax plays her entrance. Classic. The drums are hard hitting, possibly pitched down to give them some umph, the kick drum especially. 

Now, I mentioned the retro vibe of the video. First of all the original video is there, but we are watching it on a Hitachi tv with dials.

Yes kids, these actually existed. 

And it’s not in black and white it’s in sepia. I love the feel of this because if you were to examine it, we are coming out of lockdown and the message here is that this is where we once were, a very long time ago, and everything that’s happened is part of our history. The Scribes being rappers are keeping the legacy of being oral historians alive and well. 

For this, gentlemen, I commend you and salute you. 

The remix comes courtesy of German Boom Bap specialist Krisengebeat, exclusively for international hip hop label The Get Down Records, as part of their Yo! GDR Beats, Raps Spotify series found here.

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